Cannabis Brand-to-Budtender Training Campaign (Guide to Get Started)

Cannabis Brand-to-Budtender Training Campaign (Steps + Checklist)

Want to design a cannabis Brand-to-Budtender Training Campaign that increases revenue month over month? This MJBiz article details how-to create a strategic training plan that utilizes Brand Ambassadors to their maximum potential.

Gain practical information to measure the success of your cannabis brand’s Budtender training campaign and insights on tools like that facilitate training campaign success like a cannabis Learning-Management-System (LMS). Access a step-by-step Brand-to-Budtender Training Campaign creation checklist.
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The Impact of Budtender Recommendations on Revenue

This article looks at how cannabis brand purchases can increase or cease to exist based on product recommendations from friends, family, and Budtenders. We’ve included a free template to calculate your cannabis brand’s potential revenue based on Budtender recommendations. … Read More