Platform Training for Budtenders and the Cannabis Industry

Simplify Platform Training

EpicHint makes it easy to create and publish interactive training content, streamline new user onboarding, and increase client happiness.

Scale Training Without Additional High Costs

Easily Create and Publish Training Content

EpicHint is a platform that gives you tools to create interactive trainings Watch Video that make help you explain how-to use your product and its features.

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Track and Measure Comprehension

Gain insights into what your clients really know about your product. Create fun quizzes and access analytics Watch Video to understand what individual users and clients as a whole comprehend about your product, deployment processes, and features.

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Analyze and Reward Proficiency

Make data-backed decisions Watch Video to create incentives, reward top learners, and reduce customer support costs.

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Invite Budtenders and Access a Growing Audience

Invite Budtenders to your training content using our Invite feature. Publicly published training content can also be found by Budtenders, cannabis enthusiasts, and other EpicHint community members who have not yet heard about your brand. Use EpicHint to expand brand awareness.

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EpicHint gives your team a way to scale new user training without additional high costs.

Turnover in the cannabis industry is high.
Chances are as soon as client is onboarded power users, typically the most motivated team members, move on to new opportunities resulting in your team having to provide ongoing onboarding support.
Use EpicHint to reduce some of the high touch customer support needs that result because of turnover.

Pricing Guide

Streamline client onboarding and training with the most powerful social training platform for the cannabis industry.
Choose from features and plans that work for you as you grow.

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  • Unlimited Brands

  • Unlimited Courses
  • Course, Lesson, and/ or Topic Badges
  • Privately Published
  • Quizzes, for up to 75 Budtenders
  • Analytics, for up to 75 Budtenders
  • Leaderboard
  • Optimization
  • Everything in ENGAGE plus...

  • Receive Direct Messages from Budtenders

  • Public or Privately Published Courses
  • Public or Private Group and Forum
  • Ability to Send Reward(s) Based on Triggers
  • Quizzes, Up to 1500+ Budtenders
  • Analytics, Up to 1500+ Budtenders
  • Everything in CONNECT plus...

  • Custom developed training campaign
  • Fully managed training campaign
  • Dedicated data Analyst

Platform Training for Budtenders and the Cannabis Industry
Try EpicHint and see the difference.

Create your perfect user onboarding and platform training experience.

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