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Pre-train and hire the best applicants fast.
Streamline new hire training.
Create great Patient/ Customer experiences.
Boost revenue without additional high costs.

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Compliance Training

Get rid of the paper binders filled with cannabis information from across the Web. Give your team login access to State required compliance training. Export analytics for compliance reporting.

Menu Training

Menu knowledge is critical to meaningful product recommendations, the increase of average order values, and customer and patient happiness. Make sure your team knows how-to best sell what is in stock so nothing sits on the shelf and has to be discounted because it is close to expiration.

Budtender Training

Tap into EpicHint’s free Budtender training curriculum. The curriculum spans 14 lessons and 60 topics on everything from Budtender retail techniques, to compliance, how-to create conversions, consumption methods, cannabis for medicinal purposes and more. Use our coaching features to empower employees to be their best and to make promotion decisions.

Analyze and Reward Proficiency

Make data-backed decisions that will impact your bottom line over time. Create fun quizzes and access per learner analytics  on completion rates, performance and progress, competency, proficiency, and more. Gain insights to what your team really knows. Create healthy internal competition using leaderboards and automatically triggered rewards. Export analytics for operational reporting.


Get Training Started in Minutes without Additional High Costs

Trained employees result in happy loyal customers and patients.

The development of an employee training program can feel like an overwhelming task. EpicHint gives you the ability to tap into our growing library of interactive training materials and the ability to easily create multi-media training materials specific to your dispensary.

Create a culture of learning and see your dispensary flourish. Increase customer and patient happiness. Increase profit margins. Reduce errors and fines. Track and promote rising stars. Use training details to support state reporting.

Training boosts employee happiness, helps retain employees, and increases income per employee. Discover how employee training equates to dispensary and profit grow.

Try EpicHint and see the difference.

Get started in minutes not weeks. Streamline compliance, Budtender, and menu training without additional high costs.
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