Dispensary Training and Hiring, Get easy to use hiring and training tools for your dispensary
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Hire the best fast and train your team to achieve dispensary goals with EpicHint.
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Dispensary Training and Hiring, Hire the best employees for your dispensary fast
Supercharge your dispensary with the RIGHT team
Your Patients and Customers deserve the best. Empower every job applicant with access to cannabis training, dispensary training, and job readiness tools. Use data to identify the best. Hire pre-trained job applicants. Save time and money hiring and onboarding new employees.
Dispensary Training and Hiring, Make your dispensary employees better with EpicHints Learning Management System LMS
Train your team to create consistent experiences
Access EpicHint's library of 75+ cannabis and dispensary trainings. Give your dispensary operators the knowledge they need to create consistent Patient/ Customer experiences and achieve dispensary goals. Use training data for internal operations or third-party reporting.
Dispensary training and hiring
Get Patient/ Customer reviews
Patient/ Customer happiness is the best way to measure how your team is doing. Give Patients/ Customers the ability to share in-store feedback. Use the data to:

• Unlock strengths and weaknesses,
• Improve operations,
• Boost sales,
• Reward top performers, and
• Make informed promotion decisions.
Dispensary Training and Hiring Save Time and Money with EpicHint
Save time. Save money. Increase profit.
EpicHint is designed for the cannabis industry. Our simple yet powerful platform uses science, data, and research, to create well-trained, authentically diverse high performing teams.
"A leg up for experienced hires, increasing sales and ideally reducing turnover that costs the industry as much as $438 Million."

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