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    with a Branded Dispensary University

    Overwhelmed by resumes, hiring, and training?

    In a few clicks create a branded dispensary university tailored to your needs. Tap into a library of 75+ interactive cannabis, dispensary, and Budtender lessons and topics. Create public and/ or private courses.

    Use your university to train, identify, hire, and onboard the best employees.

    Shorten training time. Improve Patient/ Customer experiences. Grow revenue.

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How it Works

Cannabis is an emerging global industry. There is no established trained workforce. Turnover is high. EpicHint is designed to solve dispensary hiring and training pain points. Train and hire like a HR guru in minutes. Save time. Save money.

EpicHint is a cannabis knowledge platform with a suite of easy to use tools that increase operational efficiency for newly licensed dispensaries to multi-state vertically integrated dispensaries alike. Use EpicHint to create a dispensary university that identifies top applicants and streamlines new hire training. Create great Patient/ Customer experiences. Grow revenue!

Applicants Enroll

Applicants complete your university and submit a standardized resume upon graduation.

Interview and Hire

Use university data to identify and hire the top 3% of your applicant pool.

Onboard New Hires

Graduate new hires to private internal dispensary courses.

Create a branded dispensary university with public and private cannabis and operational courses in minutes!

An introduction to cannabis

Patient etiquette

Cannabis chemistry

Characteristics of strains

Popular strains and uses

Applications of cannabis

Medicinal cannabis

Role specific responsibilities

Cannabis regulation

And, more!

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