Community Trust and Safety Guidelines

These Community Trust & Safety Guidelines (“Guidelines”) were last updated on June 16, 2019.

Who forms the EpicHint community?

Learners join EpicHint to learn about cannabis for a number of different reasons. Learners are people trying to get hired as a Budtender or for another role in a dispensary. Learners are people in the cannabis industry who want to increase their knowledge of cannabis. Learners are consumers who want to educate themselves on cannabis for the purpose of making informed purchases. Learners are people skeptical of cannabis who want to learn more.

What are the community rules of engagement?
To facilitate an engaging social learning environment EpicHint operates using the following rules:

    1. Operate by the Golden Rule
      We like to operate by the Golden Rule, do to others as you wish others would do to you. When engaging with the EpicHint Community be kind, respectful, and thoughtful. EpicHint reserves the right to refuse service and change any person that is abusive and/ or rude to the community and our team.
    2. No spamming
      Any use of EpicHint’s messaging, email, notification, or other communication channels for the solicitation of any product, service, or other inappropriate or unrelated Course content will result in an immediate ban from EpicHint and may result in legal action.
    3. No Cheating
      Don’t try to game the system. We have automations in place to verify real learning. Never have a quiz and the content open at the same time. This is noted as cheating as is sharing answers with other Learners. When you try and game the system you cheat yourself and cheat the community filled with authentic learners. Any gaming of the system and/ or cheating will result in a charge and being banned from EpicHint. No exceptions.
    4. Keep it professional
      EpicHint is a safe and engaging social learning experience. You have the ability to make friends on the platform for the purpose of learning together and networking. We believe in and support freedom of thought and the exchange of ideas. To help facilitate social learning we do not tolerate harassment based on race, gender, religion, age, color, national origin, physical appearance, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. Harassment is referred to as hostile behavior, including but not limited to, speech, comments, posts, unwelcome messages, sexually aggressive behavior, the posting of explicit sexual comments or content, deliberate intimidation, and/ or stalking, that intimidate, create discomfort, and/ or interfere with another Learners participation on EpicHint.

      The aforementioned goes for interactions with EpicHint team members. Keep your communication professional, kind, and courteous. Hostile, threatening, rude, or unprofessional interactions may result in suspension, being charged and banned, or legal action.

    5. Speak up
      As a part of the EpicHint community it is your responsibility to speak up if you notice behavior that is in violation of the Community Trust and Safety Guidelines. If you notice something send an email to with the subject ‘Community Trust and Safety Concern’. The team will review, and determine whether there has been a violation of our policies, and respond appropriately.

If you have any questions about our Community Trust and Safety Guidelines email with the subject ‘Community Trust and Safety Questions’.

By using EpicHint you agree to our Community Trust and Safety Guidelines. If you do not agree to our Community Trust and Safety Guidelines you do not have permission to use EpicHint.