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Our Mission

EpicHint’s mission is to unlock the full wellness potential of every person through the dissemination of meaningful, accessible, and fun cannabis education.

About Us

EpicHint provides cannabis consumers and cannabis industry professionals access to credible cannabis information that supports safe consumption, health, wellness, and career growth within the cannabis industry.

Our team takes time to understand what cannabis topics are trending and provides high quality researched based articles that provide timely cannabis education on emerging cannabis topics.

Our content:

  • Is researched and written by journalists from Tier 1 publications.
  • Supported by scientific journal articles.
  • Reflects current laws and cannabis advancements.

Since 2018 EpicHint has been the only organization to provide comprehensive free online Budtender Training to individuals and accessibly priced Budtender Training training to licensed legal cannabis dispensaries. As a social enterprise, we are dedicated to removing manufactured barriers that require someone to be financially privileged to access meaningful cannabis education for personal use and/or to secure employment in the legal cannabis industry.

Our approach is driven by S&P 500 data which illustrates year-after-year diverse industries and companies thrive. It is our intention to bring attention to the growth of an increasingly homogeneous professional cannabis industry that excludes entrepreneurs impacted by the War on Drugs, persons of color, women, and other underestimated groups, and to serve as a partner to the growth of a diverse cannabis industry.

With EpicHint’s quickly growing library of content, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to find information on any topic related to cannabis that interests you – no matter how obscure or complex the subject may seem.

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